Going Your Own Way

Spa & Clinic

Many cosmetic nurses dream of opening their own clinic one day. RN Jacinta Oriti-Woolley did just that last year and tells us about her experience.

When did you first think about opening your own clinic and what made you actually do it?

It was always an idea in the back of my mind when I started injecting. I always visualised what I wanted my clinic to look like, but it wasn’t until I wanted to design an aftercare product and found out that someone I knew had already done it.

I shut that idea down and focused properly on opening a clinic. I was literally looking at commercial real estate almost every day to see what was available where I envisioned myself in, and then this place popped up and it was exactly what I had imagined.

What ‘skills’ would you say someone needs in order to run their own business?

Determination because if you don’t want to put the work in, it’s hard. The reality of not knowing how much money you will make can turn some people the other way.

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